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The Challenge Of Weightlifting To Lose Weight

Technology and even people's perception to health and fitness have surely changed; we include weightlifting to lose weight as the major solution to reduce weight. Nowadays, the status of weight training has risen. People discovered that if not taken to an extreme, lifting weights, or "strength training" is one of the healthiest, also, most fat burning and body transforming fitness systems that people can practice.

In this new millennium, most fitness experts and exercise physiologists agree that a properly executed strength, weight lifting routine can lesser blood pressure and cholesterol levels, stabilize blood sugar, increase bone density, strength, endurance, speed, reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, provoke weight loss, tone muscles and create a more youthful appearance.

There are actually a lot of programs which can be used to practice weightlifting to lose weight. There are many recorded videos. There are many interesting books available in the market. We know the fact that weight loss is one of the most common health and fitness goals. Many individuals focus on diet and cardiovascular exercise to meet this goal. However, resistance training may be one of the most effective ways to improve body composition. There are weight lifting plan and course guidelines to follow achieve quick and sustained weight loss.

Many individuals who practice weightlifting make the mistake of trying to target separate body parts with many different exercises. Targeting exercises are not very good at raising metabolic rate. If one wants to burn more calories, try total body, multi-joint exercises such as the back squat, dead lift or standing overhead press. These exercises more challenging, yielding better weight loss results in less time. Losing weight is all about burning calories. Exercising frequently can be the best solution. It was also shown that through lifting weights at least four days per week lose more body fat than those exercising less frequently. Performing weight training four days per week, with one day between workouts will help ensure proper recovery.
weightlifting to lose weight

In weight lifting, the primary resistance-training goal is to increase muscle mass. During exercise, warm up and then perform three sets of five to six repetitions at about 80 percent of the individuals' capacity. Experts say that lifting heavy weights should be done one to two times per week. The main feature of this approach of training is different exercises are done at the same time with minimal rest between sets. Also, they added that to increase the difficulty of circuit, one should use heavier weights and reduce rest time between exercise and increasing the repetitions.

While resistance training is very effective, optimal results take patience. In the first few days of doing the weightlifting, allow the body to give time to adapt. Being comfortable with exercise technique and the workload will slowly increase the intensity of workouts on a weekly basis. The challenge of weightlifting to lose weight is for the individuals to become patient, exercise-oriented and disciplined. It should be done with self-motivation and passion in order  to achieve a certain goal, to reduce weight and for a healthy body.


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