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How  To Stop Food Cravings Easily?

Gaining excess weight starts from poor eating habits. One of which is giving in to mindless overeating. This article is about how to stop food cravings easily and effectively. There are lots of tips that come in handy if you will just follow them through and you will have them in just a while. But first, have the question "what makes you crave for something?" ever crossed your mind.

There are two biological factors that make you crave for foods that are either salty or too sweet. First is the plunging of the level of your Serotonin, and the other is the occurrence of Adrenal Fatigue. Now for the big question, how can you beat them? Fortunately, there are lots of ways. Some are no-brainer but often underrated and not followed but they are proven to be imperative.

Tips to Help Stop Food Cravings

First, identify what foods that can trigger your cravings. Then you must avoid them. Like a person who has been recuperating from alcoholism or addiction from something else, expect that it will be quite hard during the first few days. It is normal to feel that you cannot seem to last a day without them. But be strong in your commitment and you will get through. Better yet, you can find an alternative to it.

Just make sure that you will replace it with healthy foods. It will also help if you will purposely distance yourself from places where you know you can be tempted. For an instance if you always crave for sweets, do not pass by cake shops and other establishments selling similar products or you might just give in. Always look ahead to your goal.

Gulping a couple of glasses of water and munching on an ounce of walnuts, peanuts and/or almonds can suppress your appetite. They will have an effect on your body chemistry. In the end, it will die down your urge to give in to your food cravings. Diverting your attention to productive things whenever you feel like eating that fatty ice cream can help you a lot. There might be times that you associate hunger with cravings.

The latter can lasts for only a few minutes or longer if you are entertaining it. It's a lot different from hunger. When a craving attacks, you can either exercise, or play music. You can do some cleaning up or just talk to someone, anything productive so that you will shift your attention away from your cravings.

If you want to stop food cravings ,do not suppress yourself too much. Every now and then, you can treat yourself to a box of your favorite chocolate cookies. Do not think of the calories for once and just enjoy.

Think of it as a reward for yourself after a period of surviving without your bad eating habits. It is believed that the depriving one will not help at all as it would just backfire eventually on you. However, you must know your limits and when to stop. Buying just a pack of it will help you a lot as you won't be tempted to eat more of it. Better yet, give yourself other kind of reward like going to spa or buying a new frock.


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