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How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

Trying to lose weight without exercise is actually possible although it is not that easy to do. When a person is weight conscious, he/she is probably losing weight with thorough exercise but there are these persons that are restricted to exercise and worry in losing weight but how. There are a lot of ways to lose weight without exercise; obviously this would include diet modification. This will include the foods that you should start eating and the foods that you should start avoiding. However, before dealing with that, you need to and make sure that you are ready and prepared to modify your diet and deal with some changes.

Before getting into diet modification to lose weight, you should start first with yourself. Self discipline and self determination in losing weight is very important for any ways to be successful. If you are ready, you may now start monitoring and record everything that you have eaten. In this way, it will help you record the amount of calories that you have taken. Even a small or a single cookie needs to be recorded. You may not need to measure your weight in the first week, deal with it in the coming weeks.

 For now, just record everything you eat. On your second week in losing weight without exercise, start weighing yourself. This is very important to closely and consistently monitor your weight. Do this every time you wake up, after each and every meal and during night time before going to sleep. Secondly, lose weight without exercise, cleanse yourself first. The body has lots of toxins in it and they need to be taken out of the body to keep your organs to function well. Drinking plenty of water and regular disposal of your body wastes is a lot helpful. Let's go with your diet.

 First you need to avoid cooking and eating oily and fatty foods. You can eat the same kind of food but you need to cook it differently by boiling it, baking it or broiling it without the use of oils. Avoid or limit your sugar intake. Eliminate or reduce  those sweets that you usually eat. If you used to drink juices, coffee, milk or cereals, you need to decrease the sugar in it. Or if you can, replace all these sweet drinks with water and most importantly, limit or stop drinking sodas.

 Avoid your habit of eating fast foods and if possible, limit snacking. If you need to, avoid those salty snack foods. You need to gradually decrease the sizes of portions of your foods then later on you will be used to eat smaller meals. In your diet, you also need to add up more and more fresh veggies for they contain lesser fats and calories.

In losing weight without any exercise, you need to consider that it will take time because there is no rigid physical activity involved. Just always stick with the right diet to reduce your weight. That means your diet should include healthy foods that contain more vitamins and minerals and take note of the allowable amount of calories that you need to be taken up. More importantly, be consistent in recording your weight and foods eaten to determine if you really lose weight without exercise.

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