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Lose Weight To Build Muscle The Right Way

Do you first lose weight to build muscle? Before all confusion starts to set in, the straightforward answer is no. Although it is humanely possible, it would bring you unsatisfactory results and even get you nowhere. But the fact is, you can do both at the same time. Exactly. You can lose weight while developing those muscles, and, through the safe and healthy way. The following guidelines will enlighten you on the said concept.

Calorie deficit vs. weight training – These two methods are interrelated with one another in the sense that they both burn calories to reduce weight. Calorie deficit pertains to subjecting yourself to a monitored calorie intake on a daily basis. Either you consume less or burn more calories, and even with the two combined. On the other hand, weight training is surprisingly a good calorie burner, although not quite effective as jogging on a treadmill. But developing that muscle does burn calories. More muscle is equivalent to more calories will be burned. So building those muscles do contribute to an efficient weight loss program.
lose weight to build muscle

Losing fat and building lean muscle right – If you long to get rid of that unwanted fat, less calorie intake is required than what your body needs on a daily basis, which means reducing certain portions of food on that patter. To build a significant amount of muscle tissue, your body requires energy. Meaning, you have to eat more, consume more calories than what your body is usually accustomed to. They are both productive separately, having their own opposing demands. So again, there is no such thing as fat mutating into muscle. That would be scary! So begin to lose weight to build muscle-the safe and proper way.

Turning fat into a muscle a myth – You've heard it all before and have been deceived at some point. Why lose weight when you are fat when you can immediately transform that fat into muscle, right? Wrong. Fat and muscle are two different things and can be gained or lost separately. You should first begin to lose fat and develop those muscles for guaranteed results. It really is virtually impossible for fat to turn into muscle and vice versa. While it is true that you can lose like say, 6lbs of fat and also gain 6lbs of muscle, it doesn't mean that there was a transformation. Theoretically speaking, it would be convenient if energy required by your body to develop muscle came from stored fat. Yet building that muscle is not its primary function when your fat is in a catabolic state.

Beginner's benefit – Beginners are privileged with receiving great benefits from loss of fat as well as muscle mass development. Studies reveal that beginners quickly respond to resistance or strength training and cardio exercises. The main objective here is for your cardio exercises and strength training and a good diet plan to maintain a good balance irregardless of whether you're just starting out or experienced. If you execute your cardiovascular exercises minus the strength training, this will certainly hinder progress on your muscle development. This goes the same with strength training without cardio. Your fat loss gets compromised. Having a good balance between the two ensures productive results to losing weight to build muscle efficiently.

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