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Is It Safe To Use Laxatives To Lose Weight

Using Laxatives to lose weight

is very dangerous. Laxatives are substance used to treat constipation and help the production of bowel movement. They are known for their ability to lose weight. The purpose of taking laxative is to treat constipation and inducing bowel movement. Laxatives are easily found in drug or health stores. They are widely used as essential ingredients of almost all weight loss supplements in the market.
laxatives to lose weight

Before taking laxatives, one needs to understand on how they really work. So can Laxative help you lose weight? No. They can't help you lose weight. The reason is most of laxatives are stimulating only the large intestine to empty instead of the small intestine where calories are absorbed. Food is absorbed in the small intestine and only mineral and water are absorbed in the large intestine. They speed up the elimination of food remains that are not digested passed from the small intestine out of the body.

This may give someone a sense of cleansing therefore making you feel like losing weight. Using laxatives to lose weight is dangerous. Thus, these products should only be used when prescribed by a physician. Laxatives are safe except in cases of appendicitis, fecal impaction, or intestinal obstruction. Excessive use and overusing it may result in:



Stomach cramps


Rectal bleeding

Fluid and electrolyte imbalances

Cathartic colon

Electrolyte disorder

Osteomalacia (weakening and softening of bones)

Steatorrhea and liver disease

Do not use laxatives to lose weight. The same applies to diuretics that a few people wishing to lose weight take . Laxatives have low potassium and electrolyte content and can lead as well to heart attack. The way digestive system work is altered with frequent intake of this substance. This can also lead to gastro-intestinal tract damage and is very difficult to repair.

There are a variety of laxatives such as exlax and ducolax to name only a few , depending on someone's preference. Laxatives are offered as powder, pills, liquids, chocolate-flavored candies, suppositories etc. There is also a form of drugstore laxative. Here are 5 of these types:

Bulk Forming Laxatives. This is the safest laxatives. It can be used longer than any other types of laxatives. Fiber and fiber like products are the main ingredients to stimulate bowel movement. Fiber taken from food is still the best nutrient our body needs.

Stool Softening Laxatives. Stool becomes softer when the laxatives help you in absorbing water into the stool so it can less difficultly pass through your colon and straight out to the rectum. Although the use of these have adverse effects, it can also affect your liver function due to a high increase in toxicity of the drugs.

Stimulant Laxatives. Stools are not softened at all even if these quickly stimulate bowel contractions. Works in 6 to 24 hours. Usually combined with stool softeners, this work within six to 24 hours by stimulating peristaltic action in the colon and small intestine..

Osmotic or Saline Chemical Laxatives. This may be used for rapid bowel evacuation because it includes magnesium citrate and phosphates. They are given in single doses. Saline laxatives work by drawing more than enough water straight to the colon to make the stool softer. Saline laxatives post a threat and risk to the balance of electrolytes and body fluid. It might also alleviate the magnesium level of toxicity particularly for people with kidney disorder.

Lubricant Laxatives. They help keep water in stool so they don't become hard and difficult to pass through your colon and rectum. One such lubricant is Mineral oil.

Using laxatives to lose weight should not be an option. People need to focus on exercise,diet control and physical activity component. Focusing on diet also can be the most effective way to weight loss .


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