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Manipulating Fat Burning Hormones For Weight Loss

Besides the healthy lifestyle that most health and fitness experts advocate, it's also useful to take control of the fat burning hormones innate in one's body. Healthy lifestyle that includes exercise and balanced diet is only an external factor. It would not affect how the body burns fat. For a more holistic weight loss approach, it's important to improve the efficiency of those hormones responsible for burning fat. Thus, the body would be consistent in your weight loss goals and methods.

Though it may lean more on a scientific approach, learning about weight loss hormones is handy knowledge. Imagine boiling water. Even though how large the kettle you have, or how many water you put in it, it would still boil according to its boiling temperature and the fire's intensity. The water would only boil faster if you adjust the fire to a stronger intensity. As such, the body would only burn faster according to how the body's hormones are attuned. Even though how many weight loss foods or how efficient your exercise may be, it would still depend on how your body takes it. In this aspect hormones would help in losing weight.

In general, hormones act as messengers in your body. By improving their efficiency, you're training your body messengers to do more in losing weight, or to send messages inciting to do more in weight loss. There are basically two hormone groups. One is steroid cholesterol, or hormones that are from cholesterol. Hormones in this group include sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen, and glucose metabolism. The other hormone group includes those from protein and other substances. Such hormones include insulin and growth hormones. The only difference from these two hormones is their way of function. Steroid hormones attach directly to the nuclei of their cell target while the rest attach to only the surface from their target cells' receptor sites and from there function as they are.

To see more on how fat burning hormones work more, here is an example for the insulin. They are the hormones responsible for transferring calories to muscle tissues for energy. As such, they may do what we call high insulin spikes that may cause more cravings. To lessen such instances, most articles advise drinking green tea. When you drink green tea, those high insulin spikes would be lessened, creating lesser cravings. Hence, you have adjusted your body's settings to work with your weight loss by advising it against hunger. However, if you don't pay enough attention to insulin hormones, it may cause diabetes. Another hormone is the growth hormones. Research proves it could increase body mass, but may in turn add up body fats. It would really depend on how you treat your body hormones to work for you.

Caring and treating your body hormones is much like how you treat yourself into a healthy lifestyle. A total balance of the body is needed, from a proper balanced diet, to the most effective exercise for you, and even to the minutest details like your sleep. For instance, we know now that diabetes is caused much by insulin disorder. Sweet foods like chocolates have high insulin levels, and may force insulin levels to hike. Thus, the more sweets are taken in, the more calories would be converted into surplus fats. Minimizing sweets intake would mean limiting the insulin levels to delivering only energy and not be stored as surplus fats. By illustrating this example, you may now have an idea how fat burning hormones could help you in your weight loss.

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