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Top Exercises To Lose Weight Quickly

Just as proper diet contributes to cutting down on the pounds, there are also some great exercises to lose weight quickly. The most effective form of exercises gives main emphasis to the toning and cardio aspect, allowing for faster results. Remember that your focus does not concern workouts that prepare you for the Mr. or Mrs. Olympia contest. Here are some popular and efficient trimming exercises including the amount of calories they burn.
exercises to lose weight quickly

Rowing – In the toning department, especially your arms, rowing does the job excellently. It also promotes camaraderie once you become a member of a rowing club, or for an alternative, you could try the rowing machine inside the gym. This is a superb workout and also a fast calorie-burner. There's no reason why you shouldn't pursue rowing to cut down on those undesirable pounds. Calories burnt: 500-600 cals/hr.

Brisk walking - Considered the easiest form of exercise besides being a great cardio workout, brisk walking helps reduce weight and is a great toner for the legs, including the hips and stomach. Burning more calories can be accomplished through hiking, or going for uphill walks and even sprinting. And there's really no hassle in getting started, you can immediately incorporate this into you daily routine. Calories burnt: 360 cals/hr.

Running – Running is among top exercises to lose weight quickly, a superb cardio burner and cardio workout rolled into one, besides helping tone those thighs and legs. A great stamina builder, this can be done individually and also in groups on a daily basis. Make sure you monitor your time every time you complete a lap or two. You would want to pick up the pace as time progresses. Calories burnt: 800 cals/hr.

Dancing – Dancing is a high-energy activity that gets you into the groove while burning those calories without being totally aware of it. With that catchy music echoing around you as you bust a move and consistently keep going at it for at least an hour, you're on your way to an amazingly toned body. Besides being a great workout and stress-reliever, dancing targets all areas of the body. You can learn fabulous moves by acquiring available DVD's at your nearby fitness store. Shake it for a sexy body now! Calories burnt: 600/800 cal/hr.

Bicycling – When it comes to burning calories, bicycling does the trick depending on how fast you are able to go. It also brings with it the adventure of the outdoors, as you take a ride across the countryside with that breeze on your face. Yet this can also be done indoors through an exercise bike, with the convenience of the TV set in front of you as you perform your routine. Calories burnt: 500-1000 cal/hr.

Horse riding – Compared to other form of exercises, horse riding may be quite difficult to arrange and obviously requires the availability of a horse. But once you are really keen on pursuing this, it can be enjoyable and healthy, besides being exposed to the goodness of nature. In fact, your surroundings overwhelm you that you are unaware of the toning work done on your abs, thighs, including buttocks. Calories burnt: 200-600 cal/hr. Horse riding is one of great exercises to lose weight quickly.

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