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Does Water Make You Lose Weight?

You might ask, does water make you lose weight quickly? While we humans are required at least an intake of eight glasses of water daily, how does drinking water actually contribute to shedding those extra pounds? Besides being a naturally great thirst-quencher, water is a primary ingredient in making your metabolism burn those calories quicker by three percent. Water is vital to our body functions, making it work effectively and much faster. Energy metabolism is required in all chemical processes and we become fuelled with energy when consuming lots of water, increasing our metabolic rate as well.
water make you lose weight

Water in your diet – Adding a healthy diet to your weight loss program includes reducing the high calorie intake and replacing these with healthy options. Water is a natural source of cleansing goodness and even helps prevent strong food cravings. Sad thing is, today, there are various products available on the market containing high energy content derived from fats and added sugar but have little water in them. Another thing, foods containing large amounts of water have a tendency to spoil faster such as yogurt, milk, and even fruits and vegetables. Ensure that you have sufficient water intake daily.

Water in your exercise regime - When carrying out your daily exercise routine wherein weight loss is concerned, consuming lots of water is a must to prevent yourself from dehydration and makes up for the water loss from sweating heavily. Does water make you lose weight quickly? Drinking water shouldn't only occur after the exercise program, but in the beginning and during the actual routine. Since many people don't prefer drinking water and opt for juice or other water products during exercise, a good alternative would be fruits with high water content like berries. This helps boost the water intake without having to directly consuming it. You gain healthy benefits such as a dose of vitamins, phytonutrients and minerals to help elevate your vitality.

Water as a beauty treatment - Aside from contributing to your weight-loss routine, water is considered the best natural form of beauty treatment. Regular water consumption cleanses your skin from any impurities resulting in a more youthful skin and a crystal clear complexion that glows. It also assists in toning up those muscles when you are sweating it out in the gym with those weights. Muscles containing sufficient amounts of water are able to easily contract, during your workout.

Water throughout the day – Medical experts require at least eight glasses of water a day, but that doesn't mean emptying those glasses at one time. That isn't healthy at all. Make sure you evenly distribute your periods of water intake throughout the day, and do not allow yourself to get thirsty. It is better to start drinking while you aren't thirsty yet

Precautionary measures – Large intakes of water regularly is a must most especially if your aim is focused on weight loss. Yet there are some exceptions however, where consumption of water is to be kept at a minimum. Such as people plagued with kidney problems or related medical conditions limiting the intake of liquids, courtesy of doctor's orders. So does water make you lose weight quickly? Whichever way, consult your doctor first before proceeding with any health regime.


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