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Try Cycling To Lose Weight Fast

If you're reluctant to shed those pounds going to the gym, why don't you try cycling to lose weight fast? It's convenient, and you can begin your routine immediately minus the hassles. Bicycling is an excellent calorie burner besides contributing to your weight-loss mission. Here's the picture, if you ride your bike for a moderate speed at around 12 to 14 mph, you burn a guaranteed 235 calories per half hour. This can be accomplished outdoors, if you long to be surrounded by nature's beauty or depending on the climate, you can do this indoors on a stationary bike. Either will do.
cycling helps you lose weight

A weekly cycling plan – If you're eager to begin your cycling workout, step on the breaks. Taking a ride regularly across the countryside or the nearby park, or elsewhere, this prepares your cardiovascular system for your training routine. But losing weight just doesn't stop there. You can ride all you want but according to Chris Carmichael, a personal coach for Lance Armstrong, plainly riding isn't the key to success but requires a combination of rest periods. He describes this as interval training. This goes the same for most exercises and especially gym workouts wherein you simply don't kill yourself with those weights but allow yourself sufficient time to rest before resuming again. An example of Interval training begins with around 5-6 minutes of simple riding warm-ups. After this comes one minute of speed-pedaling, finished off with one minute of what you call recovery riding. If you perform this with ease, you can advance to longer periods of hard-riding supported also with longer periods of recovery riding. Since interval training is considered a heavy workout, it is essential to support this with rest periods.

At ease with your bike - Thinking about cycling to lose weight fast? But before you go on a shopping spree for that desired bike, ensure that you ask first hand advice from an experienced bicycle fitter, who knows which fitting best suits you. Or if you prefer to carry out your workouts indoors, consult a gym staff regarding the adjustments required for that stationary bike. It is of essential that you are first comfortable with your bike before proceeding with the activity. Overlooking this will definitely hinder your progress as you begin your weight loss program and even result to minor injuries in the long run. But first and foremost, priority should be given to consulting your doctor if you are physically fit to perform the exercise. Be smart, be safe at all times, folks.

Cycling in your daily routine – If you wish to gain maximum results in your weight loss program through cycling, you can go a step further and incorporate this into your day to day activities. Like instead of commuting or driving that car to a not-so-distant area to run your errands, why not opt for stepping on the pedal to reach your destination? Or riding the bike to school or work and back home again? Or you could also choose to ride in groups with friends and family within a weekly period for a few hours. So what are you waiting for? Try cycling to lose weight fast now backed up with the proper diet.


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